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Low-cost, guest room and Bargain beds

Prices listed are complete sets, unless otherwise noted.[Beware of retailer quoting "per piece" / mis-leading prices]

Golden Economy Firm Corner

The Bunkbed Mattress

Shopping for a bunk bed mattress, or something for your trundle bed? The "Buddy" bunk bed, twin-sized mattress is a true, complete innerspring mattress. Many twin size beds you see advertised at this low price are cheap flex-core beds with minimal padding on top, or they are used, re-manufactered mattresses. This bed is an example of why we can say "Better Beds at Better Prices."

Precious Economy Firm Corner

The Precious Economy Firm

is the lowest priced, NEW bed in any Tampa mattress store. It was built by a quality bedding manufacturer known for better beds, but made to fit in this low price category. Don’t let the low price fool you. This is a firm mattress will last for years and offers a good night’s sleep, when your budget is under stress. This mattress even comes with a warranty.

Dream Rest Corner

The Cottage Newport

is an economical bed, designed, engineered and assembled here in Tampa Bay. You can afford a good night's sleep. This is a 390 coil-count, firm mattress with a soft surface quilt-knit ticking. Tampa Bay Discount Mattress is putting you back to sleep, and your neighbors back to work with every Dream Rest mattress you buy. Call 813-443-5707 or visit our store location to take a "rest-rest".

Premier Plush Corner

The Premier Plush

is a great, value bed. It’s a quality, NEW bed, with a soft quilt cover and a strong 336 coil-count innerspring support unit for a nice firm sleep surface. This is our best economy bed and it‘s delivered with a matching 9 inch foundation. A manufacturer‘s warranty assures you of many nights in restful sleep. Just because you can’t afford the highly-advertised, high-priced beds, doesn’t mean you can’t get a good night’s sleep. Come see the Premier Plush mattress at Tampa Bay Discount Mattress.

Premier ET Corner

The Avalon Noturn Pillow Top

mattress delivers a great night’s sleep and a the feeling of a much more expensive bed, at a low price. A 3 inch “knife-edge pillowtop surface give you the “comfy” feeling that helps you snuggle into bed. A great night sleep comes from a supportive mattress and this bed has a strong innerspring unit with 460 individually-pocketed coils and a 7 year manufacturers warrant too. You’ll enjoy a full-width sleep surface, because the Avalon Noturn Pillow Top mattress has border-edge supports, like mattresses costing much, much more. This is one of our favorite economy beds.

Spinal Care Corner

The Spinal Care

is a mid-priced firm bed. If you have a "bad-back" or need the support of a firm mattress, while maintaining a budget, this is our best choice. This is a basic and simple, quality built mattress that will deliver years and years of restful sleep. It was built by a major manufacturer to be sold in stores for about $500, but it cost much less at Tampa Bay Discount Mattress. Come see why your budget stretches further in our mattress store.

Premier ET Corner

The Premier ET

is the next step up. This is a great economy bed, with a pillow top surface. If you want a firm mattress, with some luxury, but need to stay within a budget, here is your best choice. It is a great alternative to buying a used bed [pretending to be new, in-plastic]. Stay away from the flea market and classified ads. The Premier Euro-pillowtop has a 390 coil-count, firm innerspring unit and both fabric and memory foam padding under the padded quilt surface. Visit the Tampa Bay Discount Mattress store and “test-rest” it for yourself. Call 813-443-5707.

Balance PT

The Balance PT

lives up to it’s name. This is a firm-support mattress with a 3 inch thick pillowtop surface. If you are looking for a quality bed, with a luxurious feel, this may be “it”. The Balance Pillow Top is also an affordable luxury mattress, at a price that beats the same budget in other stores. This could be your next new mattress set.

You deserve a great night's sleep, no matter what your budget!

Tampa Bay Discount Mattress has great quality beds, for a good night's sleep. Just because your budget doesn't allow for a high-priced bed from the big advertisers, doesn't mean you can't find a quality bed. We do everything we can to find great mattresses, keep our cost low and pass the saving on to you. It really is that simple.

Tampa Bay Discount Mattress has choices and a wide selection that REALLY will cost you less.... with delivery scheduled to make it truly convenient for you. We are on the corner of Nebraska and Bearss Ave, one block east of I-275.

Tampa Bay Discount Mattress is a new way to buy a great night's sleep. We really are different. We are locally owned, not a chain store or a franchise. We can search for and offer the best beds available, to fit any budget. We are not contractually required to sell any bed or any brand name. No one on our staff works on "commission", so there is no incentive to sell you one bed over another or "up-sell" you to spend more than your budget allows. We are interested in helping you find the best bed for your budget. When the other stores offer 0% financing and low-monthly payments, you know you've spent too much. Shop and compare at Tampa Bay Discount Mattress. We have better beds and better prices. You really can afford a great night's sleep.